Hey, welcome ! My name is Guilherme Neumann, and I am a junior scientist working in the field of Computational Genomics.

I have been always fascinated about Biological Sciences and how mysterious life can be. For that reason, I decided to dedicate my career to the understanding of Life, specially in terms of genetic code. In addition, I hope to contribute to the conservation of Life currently under risk.

In this page I will share my last experiences and findings in science, some thoughts about what I think in topics related to conservation and more practical content on programming for biology.

Come with me, and discover what I have been doing 🙂


  • Untouched nature, glorified nature
    This summer I have gone to a place completely new to me: The Alps. I was planning to go somewhere sunny, but instead, south Germany was my fortunate reality. I live in Berlin now, and since corona, it was a precaution not to leave the country during summer break.  A great choice. It is the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Definitely breath taking.  All this journey brought me to the reflection of such an incredible and “inaccessible” nature. Despite … Continue reading Untouched nature, glorified nature
  • Genome Assembly Tutorial
    “[…] knowledge of sequences could contribute much to our understanding of living matter.” Frederick Sanger, 1980 History When we talk about Genome Assembly, we obligatory need to mention sequencing “generations”. If you are a biologist, you problably already know that does not exist independent sequencing generations. In order to have a great assembly, in general, biologists use more than one technology at the same time, to generate DNA reads. So, before defining Assembly and going to some tutorials, let us … Continue reading Genome Assembly Tutorial
  • PhD in Germany 🙂
    Last year I started my PhD in Berlin, and since then I have learned A LOT. I could write about so many things, many challenges and fears about living abroad and starting a doctorate. However, in this first post I think it would be more interesting to start introducing you to how I got here in the first place. I do not expect to tell you all the details, not even to persuade you to come to Germany or … Continue reading PhD in Germany 🙂